First Technical Meeting on WP2

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On 5th June the WP2 Team met in virtual conference for the initiation of stakeholders’ requirement analysis. Bonvoyage addresses to two main kind of stakeholder: end users and service providers. End users are meant to be travelers which want to plan their own trip by accessing to a single point of information (Bonvoyage platform) while service providers are companies which provide travel planning or shipping services. The ambition of Bonvoyage is very high and a deep analysis about users’ requirement is very fundamental to address the further work and match the expected results. In fact, between the two different kind of stakeholder special focus will be committed also to users identified in special categories: user that become “service provider” such as the emerging diffusion of “carpooling” users and users with special needs such as people with disability which need special trip plans and elderly people. The challenge will be engaged with the contribution of the partners representing the end user’ needs wanting to solve and to move forward in the provision of new services in the field of public transport.images (3)