The BONVOYAGE consortium benefits from the synergy between two groups of researchers, one with a background on Transport & Mobility issues and another one with background on ICT issues, and consists of 11 institutions from 5 countries.
The Consortium includes 3 Large Industry partners (Atos, Azkar-Dachser, Trenitalia), one SME (Fluidtime), three End users (City of Bilbao, Clúster de Movilidad y Logística, Norwegian Public Roads Administration), three Research Centers (CNIT, CRAT and SINTEF) and a Large Applied Research Laboratory (CEA-LETI).

Within each of these groups, partners bring complementary expertise each other:

  • Industrial Partners include a system integrator (Atos), an international logistics provider (Azkar- Dachser), and a national train and bus operator (Trenitalia). Trenitalia will also provide contribution on ICT issues, bringing in also the support of its technological partners, such as Telecom Italia, and Almaviva;
  • End Users include a municipality (City of Bilbao), a cluster of companies of the transport and logistics sector, bringing to the project the aggregated knowledge and background of 100 members (Clúster de Movilidad y Logística), a national agency responsible for the planning, construction and operation of a national road network, vehicle inspection and requirements, driver training and licensing and ferry operations (Norwegian Public Roads Administration);
  • Research Centers have competencies on both ICT (CNIT, CRAT) and transport engineering and optimization issues (SINTEF);
  • Large Applied Research Laboratory (CEA-LETI) will provide the project with leading-edge technological expertise on microelectronics, sensors, microsystems, instrumentation, IC and wireless telecommunication systems.