City of Bilbao

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City of Bilbao is the capital of the county called Bizkaia, Spain, and it is located right in the heart of Greater Bilbao, which is a metropolitan area that extends along the estuary of river of Bilbao (Nervion), giving shelter to many companies, iron mines, factories and shipyards. Bilbao has a population of 353,168 inhabitants (2007) and an area of 41.31 km ², with a 8,549 population density per sq km (2006). Greater Bilbao (of 22 municipalities and 499,4 Km2) today is the fifth metropolitan area of Spain in population, with 904,439 inhabitants, representing the majority of Bizkaia (the county where is located) with 1,141,457 inhabitants and nearly half of the Basque Country. In the last years, Bilbao has participated in R&D projects with the aim to solve existing complex problems with future technologies and advance technical or management services. City of Bilbao as Bonvoyage partner will be very active part in the city logistics field, allowing the creation of a working group that puts together all related actors within the mobility of the city, including shop organisations, large stores and transport companies.
Bilbao will support the implementation and validation of the BONVOYAGE services on field. The city is directly involved in the passenger scope. It is consider a facilitator and plays a key role in the urban logistics scope. On the other hand it will contribute to dissemination of project results and deployment enablers for passenger and goods services.