BONVOYAGE: Intermodal mobility solutions, interfaces and applications for people and goods, supported by an innovative communication network

BV overallThe BONVOYAGE platform is supported by an innovative communication network that collects and distributes all the data required to optimize a travel. The project focuses on the design, development and test of three main networking issues by:

1.  contributing to the design of basic functionality of ICN including interplay with cloud/virtualization concepts, name to location resolution, routing/forwarding table scalability.

2. developing a declination of ICN, which we call Internames. Internames evolves from ICN’s host(s)-to-name model to a name-to-name principle in which names identify both source and destination entities, and names are used to identify all entities involved in communication, not only content but also users, devices, network functions and services.

3. developing a decentralized large scale storage system used for building our georeferenced mobile and web applications, which we call OpenGeoBase. OpenGeoBase exploits ICN and Internames to collect and make available georeferenced transport-related data.

Demo of OpenGeoBase is available here: Discovery Services

Door-to-Door multimodal planning with linking services

A first Demo of Internames is available here: ICN-IoT experimental testbed