Step by Step

This page shows the complete Roadmap of BONVOYAGE, reporting also results achieved as of now.

BONVOYAGE Milestones



1. June 2015 – Management structures and technical infrastructure needed to run the project fully operational

2. October 2015 – Initial definition of use cases and reference architecture

3. January 2016 – Design of advanced functionalities of the Internames Communication System and preliminary design and implementation of travel-centric services

4. January 2016 – First draft of BONVOYAGE’s architecture

5. January 2016 – First live demo of ICN-IOT middleware showing Internames functionalities

6. February 2016 – First design of OpenGeoBase, a decentralized large scale storage system used for building our georeferenced mobile and web applications

7. April 2016 – Consensus on the Federated Architecture

8. June 2016 – Orchestration and Data Sources fitting in the concept of federation

9. September 2016 – Prototypes of the main platform components