BONVOYAGE deploys a communication strategy targeting mainly four different audiences.

images (3)Dissemination in the scientific research community.

This is specifically described in the dedicated page “Dissemination”

Raising awareness on the project results and on its innovation opportunities towards industry and commercial stakeholders and operators.

Bonvoyage targets to involve industrial and commercial stakeholders by presenting results and functionalities to main ITS fairs and workshops. Such activity is both oriented to exploitation of project results and to establishment of fruitful collaboration.

Foster intercommunication and exchange with other relevant research actions and projects, and technical communities.

Targeting cross-fertilization among different groups and projects, BONVOYAGE will liaise with other related EU and international research projects, leveraging both the contacts already established by project partners as well as networking contacts established during EU cluster meetings and EU initiatives. BONVOYAGE will actively pursue liaison and clustering with projects working both on ICT/ICN and on transport related issues.
In particular, BONVOYAGE is actively cooperating with other projects funded in the framework of the 2014 call H2020 Mobility for Growth Call in the sector of Smart, Green and Integrated Transport (ITS Connected Vehicles Cluster).

Communicate high level, strategic, project findings to the general (not technical) public and European citizens.

BONVOYAGE aims at communicating the main, high level, project findings to the general public, using non-technical communication means.

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All the achievements and activities in communicating BONVOYAGE will be reported in this page.