The table below provides a list of the deliverables of the BONVOYAGE project. Public deliverables can be downloaded by clicking on their name.

Most deliverables include a Glossary. The most recent version of the glossary can be found here.

Del. No.Deliverable NameWP No.Lead ParticipantNatureDiss. LevelDelivery Date
D1.1Project Management ManualWP1CNITRRE2
I2.1Use Cases and Reference ArchitectureWP2MLCRRE2
D8.5Website and LogoWP8CEARPU6
D2.1Use cases and reference architectureWP2MLCRPU6
I3.2Publish/Subscribe and security functionalityWP3CNITPRE12
I8.1Communication & Dissemination Report v.1WP8CEARRE12
I5.1Design of the adaptation functionalityWP5SINTRRE12
I1.2Project Vision and Roadmap v.1WP1CNITRRE12
I4.1Design of the Intelligent Transport FunctionalityWP4CRATRRE12
D2.2BONVOYAGE architectureWP2CRATRPU12
I8.3Exploitation Plan v.1WP8CEARRE12
I6.1Technology dependent interfacesWP6FLURRE18
D4.1Design of the Intelligent Transport FunctionalityWP4CRATRPU18
D8.1Communication & Dissemination Report v.1WP8CEARPU18
D8.3Exploitation Plan v.1WP8CEARRE18
D1.2Project Vision and Roadmap v.1WP1CNITRPU18
D5.1Design of the adaptation functionalityWP5SINTRPU21
I3.3Travel-centric and participatory sensing servicesWP3CNITPRE24
D6.1Technology dependent interfacesWP6FLURPU24
I8.2Communication & Dissemination Report v.2WP8CEARRE24
I6.3Modelling and performance analysis in realistic scenariosWP6CEARRE24
D3.2Publish/Subscribe and security functionalityWP3CNITPPU24
I1.3Project Vision and Roadmap v.2WP1CNITRRE24
I8.4Exploitation Plan v.2WP8CEARRE24
D7.1Integration planWP7ATOSRRE25
D4.2Development and validation of the Intelligent Transport FunctionalityWP4SINTPRE26
D5.2Development and test of the adaptation functionalityWP5SINTPPU28
D7.2System integration reportWP7ATOSPRE30
D3.3Travel-centric and participatory sensing servicesWP3CNITPPU30
D6.3Modelling and performance analysis in realistic scenariosWP6CEARPU32
D7.3Validation reportWP7ATOSPRE36
D8.6Final BONVOYAGE brochureWP8CEARPU36
D8.2Communication & Dissemination Report v.2WP8CEARPU36
D8.4Exploitation Plan v.3WP8CEARRE36
D1.3Project Vision and Roadmap v.2WP1CNITRPU36

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