CRAT: Demonstration on Personalization of multimodal travel planning services

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In occasion of the Open Day at DIAG last 9th of March (Department of Computer, Control, and Management Engineering  Antonio Ruberti at Sapienza University of Rome), CRAT team presented Bonvoyage Project and a demo on "Personalization of multimodal travel planning services". The event achieved success and interest from Students approaching the academic and research offers. Here ...
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Third General Assembly at Minatec – Cea Leti in Grenoble

Within the H2020 Bonvoyage project, the research unit of CNIT developed an innovative Internames Service Layer that is able to let interoperate IP and NDN architectures in order to provide publish-subscribe and request-response services for ITS applications based on the Internet of Things. The first live demo was presented in the Third General Assembly held in Grenoble at CEA -...
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Bonvoyage at ICT 2016: Special Session on Information Centric Networking

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In the frame of ICT 2016 23rd International Conference on Telecommunication, Prof. Nicola Blefari Melazzi (Coordinator of Bonvoyage project) and Prof. Alfredo Grieco (CNIT reseach team) are organizing a Special Session on ICN for stimulating discussion and exploring new research directions. A specific Call for Paper has been launched and details about specific topics are availa...
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BonVoyage Second Plenary Meeting in Madrid

The Second Plenary Meeting of BonVoyage was held in Madrid on 8th and 9th October hosted by Atos. The Meeting was a working session very dense in terms of consolidation of the work performed so far and kick off the new activities planned for the next upcoming months. First, the assembly directed the effort to finalize the Work Package 2 and specifically the Tasks 2.2 Requireme...
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BonVoyage at the 6th Cargese conference

BonVoyage has been presented at the 6th Cargese conference on Combinatorial Optimization by Carlo Mannino, Senior Scientist at SINTEF and Professor at the University of Oslo. This is a small workshops (only by direct invitation), but the speakers are invariably the most prominent researchers in their specific field domain. This year the conference was entitled “Fast Algorit...
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Presentation at IETF 93

  The Bonvoyage project has been presented by Prof. Alfredo Grieco (CNIT) at the interim meeting of the ICN Research Group (icnrg) during the last IETF 93 meeting, held in Prague. The target of the presentation was to illustrate the potential of the project as a framework to define vertical use cases on top of ICN communication technologies. The key concepts related t...
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BonVoyage and EuTravel: creation of new synergies

Interesting synergies has been established between Bonvoyage an EuTravel Project. EuTravel project (coordinated by Inlecom) aims at contributing towards the realisation of a sustainable and open single European market for mobility services. The similarity and consequently the exploitable synergies between Bonvoyage and Eutravel has been pointed out in the Working Group meeting ...
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First Technical Meeting on WP2

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On 5th June the WP2 Team met in virtual conference for the initiation of stakeholders' requirement analysis. Bonvoyage addresses to two main kind of stakeholder: end users and service providers. End users are meant to be travelers which want to plan their own trip by accessing to a single point of information (Bonvoyage platform) while service providers are companies which pr...
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BonVoyage Kick off Meeting in Rome

The project Bonvoyage officially had its starting date on 1st of May 2015. All the Partner's Representatives met in Rome on 5th and 6th May 2015. The location of the meeting was the Department of Computer, Control, and Management Engineering (DIAG) of the University Sapienza.  The two-days meeting was focused on: the official presentation of the Grant Agreement provisions and...
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